Aztec game coming soon

Mar 2, 09:45 AM |

After a year, time has come to come up with a new big independent game: “Aztec: Tactical conquest”.
You will be a Spanish conquistador on his way to conquer the Aztec empire. The game consists of loosely connected series of turn-based tactical battles on a strategic map. Featuring many animated unit types, historical as well as fictional ones.

The original idea was to create a tactical battle minigame for the next of Two Powers series, but as I might have expected, it got wild and gradually grown into a full standalone game. Hope you will like it!



Do you have an estimate for a release date?

— Daniel · Apr 13, 02:27 AM

Hey man-

Cool games. I am looking to get started in Flash myself. Any pointers on how to do this?

— Ed · Apr 15, 11:47 PM

Daniel: Got stuck doing other things, sorry for the misinformation. Realistically, the game will be released in a month or two from now.

Hey man: It’s smiple – find tutorials, learn and practise a lot. And don’t cease for a year or two at least.
But honestly, I don’t recommend to learn Flash just in order to make games. It’s not worth the effort.

— Webmaster · May 27, 01:21 PM

So what languages do you recommend for making games, then?

— Ed · May 28, 09:25 AM

Ed: I wanted to say that making indie games is no longer proficient, no matter what language you use – whether C, HTML 5 or Flash ActionScript. Unless you are really lucky or skillful in finding out what most players want. Slightly better chance than an ordinary lottery, I’d say.

— Webmaster · Jun 9, 12:59 AM

Is the game coming out soon? Can’t wait

— Ed · Jul 19, 11:19 PM

The game has been launched! Sorry for the looong delay. Enjoy the strategy!

— Webmaster · Jun 17, 08:11 PM



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