Two Powers

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There are two sides of power: the outer and the inner. Master both to conquer all Japan!

You control one of Japanese feudal warlords. Using samurai, you conquer new provinces. Using ninja, you disclose enemy attack plans and kill their generals.

This is a deep strategy game, designed to be replayable many times!
If you need some help with the strategy, see the walkthrough.



It’s conquer (all) Japan! in the beginning when you choose your difficulty.

— Zaqaz · Aug 19, 12:37 PM

umm try fixing the music please cause the music is irritating and its not possible to turn it off thank you.

— Zaqaz · Aug 19, 01:00 PM

You can turn off music anytime. It’s in the Options game menu (top left).

— Webmaster · Aug 22, 02:27 PM

Game doesn’t finish turn properly in Google chrome – you can hover, but can’t do anything. Firefox works properly though.

— nippo gizmo · Aug 22, 03:54 PM

I see no problem in Google chrome… Do you have the latest Flash player version?

— Webmaster · Aug 22, 11:58 PM

Uh, i mean like in the game, not in the menu. The music is really annoying. Sorry. What about getting japanese instrumental music for in-game?

— Zaqaz · Aug 23, 11:00 AM

Im using google chrome and it works fine… umm try reinstalling google chrome if Webmaster’s way doesnt work. Plus, some words like japanese has a red line under it. Please fix that. I dont like going to a dictonary every time to check my spelling. Also, I think the submit works only after you do the preview in google chrome.

— Zaqaz · Aug 23, 11:04 AM

Zaqaz: As I said, you can turn the music off anytime, even in the game. (Read again my comment.)
If you find some free japanese instrumental music you like, send me a link and I’ll add the music into the game. It’s not easy to find a good music for the game.
Anyway, I like this one.

As for the preview thing in this comment form – I too don’t like it, but that’s the way how Textpattern works. I’ll see if it’s possible to be changed.

— Webmaster · Aug 23, 02:14 PM

OMG THANK YOU. When i attacked a state or something, the clashing of the sound kept continuing. I dont know if it was a problem with flashplayer, google chrome, If it was, thank you for making this game. ;D (the smiley face was too scary) You should make a menu/options place for quality and different music. Uhh, heres one i found on the internet

— Zaqaz · Aug 24, 02:57 PM

Plus, you should make the screen go to the enemy’s move. For ex, when Miyoshi attacks Harima and youre looking all the way left you should make the screen move where Miyoshi attacked. Also, why is it called two powers when there are multiple “powers” fighting to control Japan?

— Zaqaz · Aug 24, 03:03 PM

Sorry, i read the top, plus what do you mean by outer and inner?

— Zaqaz · Aug 24, 03:36 PM

Great music! Unfortunately, the link on youtube goes to a Japan language website and don’t know who composed it. I need a music which is explicitly marked as free to use (even commercially). If I get such music, I can add it to the game music playlist.

In my opinion, following the enemy moves with the “camera” would be confusing. Anyway, you can do it manually – their turns are ordered from left to right.

Samurai are your outer power. Ninja are the inner one. It can be equally called visible and invisible.

— Webmaster · Aug 24, 11:25 PM

BTW, have you already won the big scenario? And the hard difficluty?

— Webmaster · Aug 24, 11:26 PM

Mmm. I see thanks. And no I didnt. :’( its addicting but hard. I couldnt even beat the easy at the big. :’(. BTW, can you make a level editor, Like place this land here and add 2 rebels, add Shimazu to this land… etc. And all that stuff and then you let other people play it by generating a code and putting it in a text box or something. It seems really fun. Just think about playing a level by the author, but just imagine making a level and playing it with your friends or self! (Plus, can you give me some strategies? I feel guilty looking at walkthroughs)

— Zaqaz · Aug 25, 07:20 AM btw, does html work on this text box? (On the search box do search for commercial use, and for game use, or anything you want.

— Zaqaz · Aug 25, 08:16 AM

Zaqaz: Sorry, it wouldn’t be easy to make a level editor for this game.
See Two Powers walkthrough link near the top of this page.
If you know how to play, it’s quite easy to win the game even on hard, for any side except Hosokawa or Takeda.

Thanks a lot for the link to the music! I’ll go through it and maybe choose something (at least for some of my future games).

— Webmaster · Aug 27, 07:30 PM

No problem! I’ll try to practice more Two Powers and wait for your future games! :)

— Zaqaz · Aug 29, 01:54 AM


— Zaqaz · Aug 31, 11:04 AM


— Webmaster · Sep 1, 04:02 PM


— Zaqaz · Sep 1, 04:54 PM

WOW man,a nice game! Do you pretend to make another one?You dont need to change nothing.Just more level’s and map.


— Bruno Dutra · Oct 29, 08:03 PM

Interesting idea, Bruno… I usually don’t make one game twice, but why not? I may really start “pretending” to make another one.
Any idea about the map?

— Webmaster · Nov 2, 08:18 PM

Oh,sorry,I really sorry..

One year and I dont played this game anymore.. But still great..!
I think you can do the maps based actually Asia,with more bays..
But the basical system still simple..

Maybe more difficult,and multiplayer (?)..

I dont know how to code.. But I have alot of ideas and I can translate the game for my language,portuguese..

Add my msn

and send me an email..

And thanks!

— Bruno Dutra · Jan 4, 01:07 AM

I’m back to beat the level hard again. >:) Oh yeah, btw, Multiplayer would be awesome, but coding packets and etc is really hard. Also, if there were ninjas/samurais that can be bought for mochi coins, i would gladly buy them, and what about more units? Like samurai and ninjas are the basic 2 but there can be like a emporer which is like 10 samurais combined? =D?

— Zaqaz · Mar 24, 11:18 PM

What the… After playing and hitting continue on the first time I played after a long time, I started off as red when i never played him yet (so far right now at least) What im saying is… I became red and had like 3 samurai and 20 income, etc… When there was no saved game. Is that your saved game?

— Zaqaz · Mar 24, 11:21 PM

Uhh… Sorry, this might feel like spam, but it’s not… I think… Anyways, can you make a zoom out function? Since you declined my idea for the moving the map and seeing what the enemy does, can you make a zoom out function or a history button, which will allow you to see what happened? Thanks. (Btw, idea for history, Writing of what happened (Hosowaka took Chizen or a replay that simply displays the whole map and the enemies moving their army in turns.)

— Zaqaz · Mar 27, 02:59 AM

Hi Zaqaz!
I plan ancient China game version with several unit types.
As for the saved game: you had probably cleared your Flash coockies. When you hit Continue with no game saved, you start a radnom game.
As for the zoom/history feature: I’ll consider zooming all the map during the enemies’ turn.
Thanks for your continuous feedback! Anyway, for any changes to take place, wait for the sequel! ;-)

— Webmaster · Mar 27, 04:52 PM

O.O! There’s a sequel??? You’re awesome. xD. Anyway, I’ll help find the grammmar mistakes if you want. Btw, can you make a random map script? And a mission? … I’m expecting too much, aren’t I? Sorry, I just expect too much from you. xD. You’ll probably do something better anyway, so thanks! Gotta go back to improving my skills. ;).

— Zaqaz · Mar 29, 01:20 AM

YES! I WON NORMAL AGAIN! NOW TO FIGHT USING HOSOWAKA! After all, you said it’s the hardest way to go… xD

— Zaqaz · Mar 30, 02:44 AM

Right. If you win the hard full campaign with Hosokawa, you are truly the Master of the Two Powers.
Takeda is only a little bit easier.

— Webmaster · Mar 31, 02:16 AM

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Clyde · May 4, 05:09 PM

Can you make a story mode? Like in real history for example Khan fighting China . O.o also sorry but in not playing much due to a game called Civilization 4. The technology and ally/war system is awesome

— Zaqaz · May 31, 11:50 PM

Can you please make a mobile version of this? I really wanna play but on my phone it sucks. Idc if you put a lot of ads. Please. :l

— Zaqaz · May 31, 11:55 PM

Sorry, Zaqaz, I now work on a new board game. Only after it’s complete I can think about Two Powers improvements. Not planning a mobile version, though.

— Webmaster · Jun 13, 01:26 AM

Board Game??? What board game. :L. Is it similar to the risk game? Or like monopoly? Maybe even ingenious??

— Zaqaz · Jun 13, 02:21 AM

It would be cooler if we could do the fights like at spears and katana and not just showing us you won or you have lost

— Lino1000 · Jun 13, 04:52 PM

Zaqaz: Top secret! :)

Lino: OK, I’ll consider some interactivity to battles for next time. Anyway, Two Powers are focused on the strategy, not on the battle action.

— Webmaster · Jun 15, 01:21 AM

Hmm interactive would be nice but I’m not an action guy. And the battles would take too long. So if u do make the interactive battles then can u give the option of skipping it? Like make the interactive the default but be able to skip it if you want to. Also, if I made weird grammar mistakes, blame the autocorrect on my phone. Also can you make the generals more complicated for recruiting? Like General A has good influence of recruiting for a cheap price but makes the soldiers’ morale low because of the insufficient food and camps and space available for the mass recruits. And can you make like veteran troops? Ah I am expecting too much aren’t I. It’s supposed to just be a simple indie strategy game but I’m trying to make it a game to make years to make. :l sorry. But you can take some ideas from what was listed above. Thanks for reading this long comment.

— Zaqaz · Jun 20, 03:29 AM

OK, I’ll think about your suggestions when the time comes to make the sequel. But you made the point – it’s only Flash game :)

BTW, where are you from?

— Webmaster · Jun 26, 10:56 PM


— Zaqaz · Jun 28, 05:38 AM

Hi. It’s me again. lol. Can you tell me the release date for Two Powers’ Sequel? I can’t wait to play a new game of this. Thanks.

— Zaqaz · Aug 3, 01:03 PM

Sorry dude, the release date is very uncertain, I didn’t yet even start with it due to some other pressing matters.

— Webmaster · Aug 14, 02:25 AM

Ah, thank you for telling me. It wasn’t positive information, but knowing it is better than not. Thanks.

— Zaqaz · Aug 16, 04:03 AM

Like the game, but find the gameplay unbalanced. Whoever is able to generate an early lead is able to steamroller everyone else, in particular as movement is costless and unrestricted.

Would be better if recruitment were more gradual, though still linked to province numbers, and if movement of the main stack were restricted to one-province-per-turn. Perhaps there could also be a chance of the resurrection of defeated factions from their main castles, and a higher chance of rebellion in other provinces? Even better would be the ability to build improvements in provinces, along the lines of Shogun Total war: at the very least to strengthen castle defences, build ports, improve province income and supress rebellion (all features already in the game). Turns could be per season not per year (and perhaps movement restricted in winter?).

You should then get this game onto Armor Games.


— JS · Jan 4, 05:55 PM

Thats a nice game,and I’m waiting for the sequel… Hmm,a Local Multiplayer maybe? It could be played via hamachi.. Well..Keep with the good work.. Bye :D (And.. What a difficult name! )

— BrunoDutra · Jan 6, 01:26 AM


JS: Thanks for your suggestions. But you propose to make very different game! This is meant to be relatively fast-paced strategy, I agree that the first half of the game is the part which decides. In the second half you either die soon, or make your way to victory. What’s wrong with it?

Two Powers is a game about leading your army of soldiers and spies, not about building cities. It would also make the game slower, and need another ballance testing and changing the AI. Sorry, too much work, and the improvement uncertain.

Anyway, I’ll give myself a few days to think about it more before I regard the sequel finished.

— Webmaster · Jan 11, 03:40 PM


— Webmaster · Jan 23, 05:37 AM

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