Two Powers 2

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There are two sides of power: the outer and the inner. Master both to conquer ancient China! Using soldiers, conquer new provinces. Using spies, disclose enemy attack plans and kill their generals.

This turn-based strategy game is a sequel to Two Powers 1 where you have to conquer old Japan. Two Powers 2 is set to Warring States period in China.

So prepare your sword and charriot, the empire needs you to put an end to endless wars and unify all China!



Do you like this sequel better than the previous one?
There have been some glitches reported recently, so if you find one, tell me too, and I’ll try to quickly fix it.

— Webmaster · Jan 23, 05:34 AM

I play in both game and this sequel is in my opinion easy than this first game. What about making game for example about Jan Zizka war as Czech you shall do this hussites has been harbinger of democracy. Eventually other interesting perion unification of Poland in XII-XV century. Czech Kingdom too was engaged in polish affairs

— Piotr Chmielarz · Feb 7, 03:00 PM

Easy? It depends on what side you play. Try Han or Yan on hard, and then speak :)

The 3rd sequel, when I make it, is going to be in Europe. Several scenarios, each for one kingdom. If you know an interesting period of Polish medieval history where at least 3 sides are distinguishable (but preferably more), tell me.
If you help me collect the historical data needed for the scenario, I’ll be grateful and will mention you in the credits.

Yes, Hussites revolution is really interesting period of Czech history. Strange that catholic(?) Pole is speaking about them :)

— Webmaster · Feb 7, 04:16 PM


1138-1320 division of Poland

in this period you can have 10 or more scenario

1) Braniborské markrabství- I use czech equivalent from wikipedia- there you can have four sides at beginign conquer of slav nations Obodrite Lutite by germans, danish, and lesser degree by Polish who supports Jaksa z Kopanicy leader of Stodoranie one of trive of Lutite their capitol was in Kopenik part of Berlin.

a) Braniborske Markrabstvi versus polish principality- Silesian Henryk Brodaty, Henryk Pobożny in this you can add Mongols who attacks Silesia in frame of operation against Hungary more information in Benedykt Zientara book “Henryk Brodaty i jego czasy and book Legnica 1241- Great Poland Pomeran Duches east and west more information in book “Dzieje Polski Średniowiecznej” Grodecki Zachorowski

2 Conquest of Prussia by Teutonic order

In this scenario you can make some combination for example during 1 Prussian Uprising Prussian were supported by Świętopełk Wielki princeps of east Pomerania- at first he supports Teutonic Order but probably as first from princeps in Poland he begin consider them as danger so he align with Prussian tribes who participate in uprising more information you can probably find in any history of Teuton Order or cronicle Peter from Duisburg if I have a good memory. During this time Teutonic Orders were supported by crusaders among them polish princeps from Great Poland sons of Władysław Odonic.

Later you can use combination of Teutonic Order crusaders among them Czech and their counterparts from Řád mečových bratří against Prusove Jotvingi Lithuanians.

3 Reign of Władysław Łokietek Vladislav I. Lokýtek

in this scenario you can use combination

Polish Lithuanians Hungarians against Czech last Przemyślidzi Vaclav III and Vaclav IV Jan Luksemburski, Braniborské markrabství Teutonic order.

First phase fightings of Łokietek against Przemysł II princeps of Great Poland East Pomerania and polish King who controls Great Poland, East Pomerania and later Małopolska thanks to agreement with Leszek Czarny, son of Świętopełek Wielki- I don’t remember his name- this who survive other collect their territory. Łokietek as grand son of Konrad Mazowiecki and brother of Leszek Czarny consider that after death of Leszek Czarny Lešek II. Černý- who was from Masovia and after agreement with Bolesław Wstydliwy become princeps of Małopolska. Przemysł II sign agreement with silesian princeps Henryk Probus that he will be his heir. After poisoning of Henry Probus by his diplomat who was sent to Rome but embezzle some moneys- there is too hypothesis that this diplomat do this after Loketek pay him. Henryk Probus was connected with Vaclav III who strenght his right to Małopolska by signing agreement with widow of Leszek Czarny and he or his son marry Richeza wife of Premysl II. At first Czech win but later when Vaclav engage in war in Hungary hungarian supports łokietek and at the and he win war.

Second part against Branibor Marche and Teutonic Order

case from fighting with Branibor Marche- last members of Albrecht Bear dynasty Askańczycy tries to conquer Pomerania and conquers some part territory of Great Poland which they name as new marche. During reign of Łokietek Branibor Marche sold their law to East Pomerania Teutonic Order and they support them during fightings with Władysław Łokietek who align against them with Lithuanians has support from Hungary.

third part Władysław Łokietek agains sons of Henryk Głogowski.

In this part fightings take place in Great Poland and Silesia Henryk Głogowski controls Great Poland after death of Henryk Probus he was ally of Vaclav III after his death and when Łokietek reconquer from Czech Małopolska he begin war with sons of Henryk Głogowski, Łokietek was supportedy by citizens of this Great Poland which was controlled by silesians.

fourth scenario war with teutonic order

Poland Lithuanians and Hungary against Czech and Teutonic Order.

All begin after capturing of Gdańsk in 1307 by Teutonic Order- who first were there as support of polish defenders against of Branibor Marche then they betray them and capture town. In this scenario Poland was supported by Lithuanians and from to time by reinforcements from Hungary. Czech during reign of Jan Luksemburski supports Teutonic Order 1331 he sign agreement with teutonic order that they divide Polish Kingdom. This doesn’t happen thanks to succesful defence of Kalisz during siege led by Jan Luksemburski and polish victory in battle under Płowce- one group of teutonic order was destroyed after attack of second group polish army withdraws but losses of Teutonic Order was heavy that commanders decide to withdraw.

Here is some books which can be find in Silesian library in Katowice I don’t know but maybe in Czech library university probably too

2. Odrodzone królestwo : monarchia Władysława Łokietka i Kazimierza Wielkiego w świetle nowszych badań / Janusz Kurtyka ; Instytut Historii Polskiej Akademii Nauk. – Kraków : Towarzystwo Naukowe “Societas Vistulana”, 2001.
3. Władysław Łokietek – polityk i dowódca / Tadeusz Marian Nowak. – Warszawa : Książka i Wiedza, 1978.
4. Władysław Łokietek i jego czasy / Przemysław Wiszewski. – Wrocław : Wydaw. Dolnośląskie, cop. 2002.
5. Władysław Łokietek na tle swoich czasów / Edmund Długopolski. – Kraków : Towarzystwo Autorów i Wydawców Prac Naukowych Universitas, cop. 2009.

If you are surprised why I catholic Pole knows about hussites during this time among hussite soldiers were Polish knights who support them during fights in Silesia and some of them where commanders of hussite formations which fights there. During this time we have polish hussites which where destroyed during battle on Grotniki after death of Władysław Jagiełło other were burnt in Zbąszyń. if there aren’t followers of hussite in Poland so why Mikołaj Trąba announce Edict from Wieluń which was against them and which forbidden supporting hussites and spreading their vievs. I read two books about hussites war one written by Piotr Marczak, Wyprawy Krzyżowe: Husyci Andrzej Michałek and biography of Jan Zizka z Trocnova written by Anna Paner.

If you look for thema of game in XVI century I recommend war about control of Baltic sea in which fights Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania mainly agains Russia but also against Danish, Sweden, Hansa. During this war coalitions often change for example in one perion Seden was in coalition with Moscow against Poland and theoretically against Danish who in fact support Moscow. In second period Moscow align with Danish against Swedish and Poland and Lithuania- who were in union. In third period Poland and Lithuania during reign of Stephan Batory align with Sweden against Russia and this period ends with ceasefire in Jam Zapolski in which Sweden gets Estonia and Poland this which is know territory of Latvia. In this conflict there is grain of Sweden involvement is Thirty war.

— Piotr Chmielarz · Feb 8, 12:49 AM


I suppose there should be some 5 scenarios which cover different parts of Europe, each of them in its most shattered period. For example, one for Poland, one for Czech (or maybe together), one for France, one for Italy, one for Germany, one for Scandinavia, one for England. Or something like that. The last scenario you sketched here looks very good. But the period may be too late, I am not sure.

I like middle ages, but am not a historian and woun’t have time to study it in books. All the info I’ll need for each scenario is:

-well chosen period and place
-an approximate map (Maybe I’ll use hexagon map in this sequel, like in ‘Dice Wars’ game) with 20-50 territory names and how poor or rich they might have been
-the names, placement and potential strengths of warring sides. And their coats of arms.

It’s a lot of data in fact and a lot of work to collect it and apply it in the game. I definitely don’t have time for doing it now, and will need help with it anyway. (Well, I am going to manage personally the part for Czech, and also England, which will probably be the same as in ‘Defender of the Crown’.)
If you like to help me with this, send me please an e-mail message or leave here your e-mail address. That would become very nice historical game after all :-)

— Webmaster · Feb 8, 02:14 AM

Of course I forgot to mention Russia and Spain, to be polite to potential visitors from these countries :)

— Webmaster · Feb 8, 02:38 AM

There is breakdown on two powers II when you begin conquest of province or fight you can see some losses but you don’t know if you win or lose. For example as chu I begin conquest of cai province after rebel commander forces number is zero I push ok I have to conquer this province second time. In similar way I loose defence of capital my forces 22 enemy 46 enemy loses 6 I 2 I don’t see that my forces lose soldiers so I assume that I win battle when I push ok button it’s revealed that I lose kingdom

— Piotr Chmielarz · Apr 22, 11:34 AM

thanks for repairing

— Piotr Chmielarz · Apr 22, 02:02 PM

Sorry, Piotr, I have no idea what you mean…

— Webmaster · May 1, 01:56 AM

Well I was a child last time I visited this website.. :D I’m glad there is a sequel,keep doing that great job..

I thought in new interesting mechanics. You could add rivers,and lakes,based on the actual geography of those places.. And,based on that,you could add modifiers.
Like make some places impossible to be attacked; make it more expensive if it doesnt follow the flow of the river; make it cheaper if the target is under the flow,so many things. Also making seasons; river is frozen,you can walk through it,the flow is too strong,you cannot use it as a tactical source.

Serious,please,add rivers in a future sequel,China looks so dusty D: (AND I’m patiently waiting for a ‘Two-Powers 3’ haha)

— Bruno · May 21, 06:41 PM

Welcome to the world of adult men, Bruno :) I am glad you like the game. Thanks for your comments, but keep in mind, it’s just a flash game and I am alone for making it. I was thinking about the rivers before I started the work, but I finally left the idea. Well, maybe in the sequel.

— webmaster · May 22, 02:01 AM

Haha,and I must say: You really should try get it on smart phones,that’s probably the most profitable market for flash games .. For that you would need more people with you..
Bah,I’m dreaming too high for a individual project(But hey,you got this blog,that gives you a bunch of money right? :P).

BB,and Good luck with your future projects !!

— Bruno · May 22, 08:53 PM

You could create a sequel for Android,I would buy it!(5$ would be fair enough)

— Bruno · Aug 11, 08:45 PM

Hey. Can you add like specific generals. Random names, random sucky starting skills, but like Attack: 1, Defense 2, Army Cap: 20 men, Special Ability: Decreased upkeep. Or something like that for generals? And can there be more than 1 type of samurai and ninjas? I really agree with Bruno and JS. Please? ^^.
Btw Bruno, I think I was 11-12 when I first played Two Powers 2. Now I’m 14.

— Zaqaz · Dec 9, 02:02 AM

gosh im going to love this game and the stats thing is AWESOUE

— Trace · Jan 26, 11:40 PM

oops did that twice sorry

— Trace · Jan 26, 11:40 PM

if you could have more than one army and each army could only move a certain amount of provinces that would be nice.

— Trace · Jan 26, 11:53 PM

Zaqaz: Actually the game is focused on the strategy and not tactics. But as I have now developed suitable engine for the tactical battle (featuring many types of soldiers), time might come for customizing generals in next sequel.

Trace: Well I’ll consider it. Thanks for the compliment!

— Webmaster · Mar 2, 11:01 AM

I think it will be interesting to develop a map creation toll so players can do their own scenarios and to help you in the expasion of the game.
What do you think?

— Stajanov · Mar 4, 05:14 PM

Stajanov: nice idea, but honestly – too generic, too much work for the development.

— Webmaster · Jun 5, 03:24 AM



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