Sword and Feet

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Based on School of Sword as the action part, this game is a fantasy tale of eight brothers finding their brides in the world full of orcs and skeletons. Besides the action part, where you will now face multiple enemies and use magic as well as your sword, you’ll also travel through the land, and storm orcish lairs as well as the ladies’ hearths.

It’s needed to read help in order to understand the gameplay. You may be surprised, how many adventures the game offers. If you have difficulties with finding the right way, read the game walkthrough. (There are also cheats at the bottom of the page.)

The game story

The story is quite sad in fact. It has started as School of Sword’s sequel, but in the early stage of development I realized I was doing completely other game, much more complex, only based on SoS’s combat system. I didn’t care too much about the interface or easy to use help system that time; the rich gameplay was what I was really striving for. So the game became hard to be understood by an average player. So now (dec 09) after some two years after completion, when I spread it for free at last, it doesn’t bring much attention, and only hardcore RPG-fans, or those who manage to come deep into it, can appreciate it.

Are you one of them? There is also a level editor, so let me know if you want to create some new levels.



I want to play the level editor

zZFialerZz · May 5, 01:23 PM



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