Star Trap

Jul 17, 12:34 AM |

Space shooter with a trading strategy background.

As may sometimes happen, on your peaceful journey through space you are suddenly sucked through a wormhole into a very distant and violent part of the universe. Your task is to find and fight your way home. Advanced weapons and ship equipment is crucial and can only be earned by looting and clever trade.

The game story

Not much to say about this game’s development story. Just wanted to make a shooter with the circular motion I had seen in one ancient game. But that wasn’t enough for me, and I built a trading strategy around that, even with a story. Not the best decision when considering the amount of time it took, but now you have your 2D Elite :) Btw, I have heard people to be confused what to do at first, but in that case don’t discard the game at first. Look twice or three times to catch the insight – it’s worthy!

Do you know why it’s worthy? Those of us who were rushing through the space with all those upgrades, shooting UFOs in bombastic explosions, laughing diabolically… when finding a system in all that chaos and destruction – that was an “orgasmic enlightenment





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