Squares and Blades 2

Jul 17, 01:51 AM |

The struggle with the orcish hordes continues! Choose the right party, then face the enemy in the squared battleground.

There are various terrain types and even more various enemies to fight than in the prequel. Grasping the main battle principles and using your characters skills properly will help you knock down even much more numerous opponents. Stop the storm of the evil with your blades!

The game story

Squares and Blades II is improved from its prequel in every aspect. But still Squares and Blades I are much more popular in number of plays per day. Can anyone tell me why, besides the fact that people usually don’t like playing games where they must first think to comprehend the instructions? Maybe the players like the story-oriented games than generic ones?

Anyway, I personally regard the sequel as an improvement for the first game edition.



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