Spear and Katana

Jul 17, 02:03 AM |

Samurai-style action game. Kill your enemies in duels and form an army for the battles on your way to become a great lord!

Several times you can choose your way to become soldier, bandit, samurai or ninja. Besides the story mode there is also the battleground, where one or two players can battle over and over. The two-player game is something what even its sequel, Spear and Katana 2, doesn’t contain.

The game story

This is not a type of game where one can easily win by mad clicking. You have rather to use your brain, or I’d say instinct… See more in the game. And if you like it, you can’t miss Spear and Katana 2!

Read one of the comments about the game I saw on the www, this time from the fighter’s view of Matthew.
Here, this guy made even a video. I hadn’t expected that fighting strategy could be succesfull…



Excellent blog ! i love it :D

objets cach├ęs · Jul 28, 05:32 PM

Really awesome fun game but way too easy! I beat it on my first try, and killed Master of the Sword with Peasant with a stick, :D

— Midknight Cat · Dec 13, 10:40 PM

Good job! If this game was too easy for you, let’s see what will you say to S&K2!

— Webmaster · Dec 16, 02:30 AM



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