Spear and Katana 2

Jul 17, 02:37 AM |

Samurai-style action continues! This time transformed into rpg.

In this sequel of Spear and Katana, there is much more to do than killing your enemies with the sword. Prepare also to move in the shadows unseen, and shoot the enemies with your bow.

Through the variety of deadly quests, you have to choose combined paths of samurai, ninja, bandit and warrior-monk, gradually improving your equipment to masterpieces and your skills to perfection. Then you are ready to meet your fate in the final fight.

Master the arts of swordplay, stealth and archery through the constant risk of death, to become legendary warrior!



Both this and the first game are absolutely brilliant! I love the RPG Style of this game…ninja every time :D
ThunderBird is awesome.

I think the trick to beating any opponent is that whenever you strike move away from the opponent at the same time. You can’t strike again for a bit, so a counterstroke can kill you— but not if you’re too far to hit!

— Midknight Cat · Dec 25, 03:35 AM

Thanks ;-)
I use a combination of the tactics you mentioned and circle movement. Or dashing quickly aside before the strike.

— Webmaster · Dec 28, 11:07 PM

:) Yeah, using that, you can kill the whole game :D But I was wondering, sometimes powerful enemies can block arrows. If you strike at the right time, can you block the arrows too?

— Midknight Cat · Dec 29, 08:22 PM

No, sorry, that’s a special ability of special enemies to make killing them more difficult.

— Webmaster · Jan 2, 05:51 PM

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really this version Amazing. I love it.

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— Trace · Jan 27, 12:01 AM

Trace: Before you see the third, try Aztec: tactical conquest game which is coming real soon!

— Webmaster · Mar 2, 10:52 AM

Yo Webmaster, where’s Aztec? I’ve been looking forward to it for 2 months now!

— Ed · May 16, 05:18 PM

I loved both of these games! I wish there was the Battlegrounds system in this game like the first one but this one had some diversity in it with you not having to just kill a certain person. Will there be a third one out?

— UniversalNoobs · Aug 27, 07:13 PM

I am really fascinated with the katana. It seems it can only fit well in the hands of someone who deserves it. It just won’t look good when held with just about anyone’s hands. It’s a symbol of honor. I really like the characters in this game. I keep wondering what could be their maker’s back story behind. Most authors I know base their characters from people who really existed in real life. I wish there’s a way for me to find out who these people were and what made them deserve this honor.

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