School of Sword

Jul 17, 12:15 AM |

Fencing positions in the game are based upon so called German school of swordsmanship, first described by Hans Talhoffer in 15. century. In this game, it’s not sufficient for victory to slash your opponent as fast as possible. You must react to enemy attacks, block them, evade them and quickly strike back to his weak spots. Your skill with the sword allows you to unfold a thrilling story, and finish it in the second , final, much harder part.

The game story

The idea behind making School of Sword was to make a game where it’s important to check what your opponent is doing with his sword, like in real combat, and to accent the importance of proper blocking. I combined the idea with a pseudo-3d background moving around you, and it gave quite a good result, when considering the game was launched 5 years ago (now is july 2011) and is still at the 4th place of popularity in action games on ArcadeTown where it was published. Well, there are still many more popular games, but I am satisfied of having brought the idea into life.

So you would not be surprised I made a sequel, Sword and Feet – but that’s another story.





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