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Use your brutal intellect and savage intuition to capture the enemy chief!
This innovative board game can be played in two modes: either turn-based, or real-time. You need to be either smart, or quick + smart.

Visit divoshi.com to know more about Divoshi.

Come 2 play Divoshi multiplayer!

Divoshi board game strategic depth, as far as I have explored, is proudly comparable to that of chess. I wanted to be able to play a game which really feels like a battle, that’s why I have invented Divoshi rules. The flash game around it was developed in order to show the board game to the world.

If anyone can beat the AI set to Excellent, let me know. I can, but learned it only after many and many lost battles.



Wow. Cool game.

oyunlar · Mar 11, 11:54 PM

Thank you, your article helped me.

Eric Nitler · Sep 19, 01:54 PM



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