Diamond Well

Jul 17, 01:08 AM |

Dig for gold with your pipe machine! Sequel to GoldWell game, improved and enriched with new features.

Welcome to the caves of the Diamond Mountains! As like as in the GoldWell game, your objective is grabbing treasures in the underground caves with your pipe machine. You must also defend from the aggressive cave inhabitants by eating them, not allowing them to bite your pipes. There are 20 levels with more varied design than the prequel had. This time you don’t need to collect all pieces of treasure – only the diamonds. But gold can also come handy. Moreover, there is new tactical feature of boulders, which can be used to block the passages from intrusive monsters.

To make things a little harder, Diamond Mountains hide more subtle monster types than before. Their movement is not so easy to anticipate. And, into the bargain, Rock-eater is seen from time to time. Nothing can stop Rock-eater – except your pipe drill!

The game story

This is one of the most popular games I have made so far, being played over 5 million times during its 4 years of existence. I also sold many site-locks and made several custom remakes for different custommers.
Later I tried to switch a little the conceptual difficulty with The Dwarf , but this distant sequel is not going to reach the popularity of Diamond Well.



Cool game.

Eric Nitler · Sep 19, 01:55 PM



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