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School of Sword 2

Jul 17, 12:50 AM |

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The swordfighting adventure continues!

School of Sword

Jul 17, 12:15 AM |

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Fight for honor! Adventurous action featuring a late medieval fencing art.

Squares and Blades 2

Jul 17, 01:51 AM |

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The struggle with the orcish hordes continues! Choose the right party, then face the enemy in the squared battleground.

Primordea 3D

Primordea 3D

Oct 13, 09:32 PM |

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Put on your red-cyan glasses and feel the depth of the primordial sea inside your monitor!

Star Trap

Jul 17, 12:34 AM |

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Space shooter with a trading strategy background.


Jul 17, 01:04 AM |

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Crazy Indian lacrosse game!

Gold Well

Jul 17, 12:00 AM |

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Grab the gold with your pipe mashine. Don’t let the monsters grab your pipes.

Dupito Puzzle

Jul 17, 03:03 AM |

A triangular puzzle for children. You can choose from three difficulty types and three images. The custommer’s game location is unknown.

Sword and Feet

Jul 17, 12:56 AM |

(Flash content)

With the “Quest for Love” subtitle. So start traveling and fighting for love!


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