Here are some of my web design work examples that are still alive, as well as some graphics.

Kůže Charlie

23 April 2017 |

Saddler and leatherwork website
Work extent: all (CMS-powered, HTML, JavaScript)

Three prophecies

30 August 2011 |

Mystically oriented website featuring animated oracle-reading.
Work extent: all (HTML, Flash, Textpattern-powered)

7 March 2013 |

Board game info
Work extent: all (HTML, Flash, CMS-powered)

Set of illustrations

17 July 2011 |

Illustrations of people, animals, and plants. Some of them are available as animations.

Warrior Illustrations 1

23 April 2017 |

From the Aztec game

Warrior Illustrations 2

23 April 2017 |

From the Squares and Blades game


23 April 2017 |

Various object images and icons



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