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Flash: Preloading a file with embedded sound

Jul 26, 11:04 AM |


Solving a problem: You have a large sound embedded inside your fla document in Flash IDE, and also the preloader. Everything works fine when offline, but when you place the swf on the web, the preloader shows up only when almost everything is loaded.

ActionScript 2 versus ActionScript 3

Jul 26, 01:40 PM |


Are you working in as2 and considering change to as3? Or just started learning Flash and don’t know what ActionScript version to use? This article will help you decide.

Migrating from as2 to as3

Jul 28, 03:03 PM |


Here is the help for those who want to migrate from ActionScript 2 to AS3 (if you haven’t yet done it) with minimal pain.

Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games

Aug 10, 02:02 AM |


One of the most challenging tasks in the game development is creating good artificial intelligence. Here are some basic principles.

AI in computer games 2

Nov 2, 11:41 PM |


Let’s see the principles of artificial intelligence in its “purest” form – in board games like chess.


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