This section covers animations that are not part of my games, and web applications.

Wanbli Ohitika Singers

Jul 17, 05:13 AM |

Singers of Lakota Indian songs.
Work extent: whole site (Flash + administration)

Cristallo Intro

Jul 17, 05:18 AM |

Italian hotel intro
Work extent: animation

Millanderhof Intro

Jul 17, 05:24 AM |

Italian hotel intro.
Work extent: animation

KSV Intro

Jul 17, 05:26 AM |

Open here this
university department site intro.
Work extent: graphics and animation

Prague Open 2006

Jul 17, 05:44 AM |

Table tennis tournament banner.
Open here.

Table tennis world

Jul 17, 05:48 AM |

Banner for STEN Marketing company website.
Open here.

Nev Dama

Jul 17, 05:53 AM |

Open the banner here.

Touchscreen Video Player

Jul 17, 04:55 AM |

Application for playing video for turistic equipment, sorted in several cathegories. Developed for a touchscreen device.
Work extent: animation, scripts, data connection

MP3 Player

Jul 17, 04:58 AM |

Music player for Thovt publisher.
Work extent: scripts and data connection


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