This section covers many sorts of applications development, including Flash websites, Flash components, animated intros, animated figures, and flash banners.
I can make any type of interactive and animated web application for you, just let me know.
Featured: Interactive animated maps, eighter plain, or 3D maps.

Apartment selection

17 July 2011 |

Interactive tool for an apartment selection in a new planned yard in Prague.
Work extent: animation, scripts, data connection

Bird Vision (3D Maps)

17 July 2011 |


Fully three-dimensional map being displayed right in your browser + animated objects. This used to be a wonder several years ago. Written from scratch in AS2.

Interactive Skimaps

17 July 2011 |

One of subdelivery made maps. Extensive database collaboration, administrative system, videos and photos.
The work extent: animation, scripts, data connection

Prague Map - Tulipa

17 July 2011 |

Prague pseudo-3d map with Tulipa projects displayed. Made as subdelivery.
Work extent: animation, scripts, data connection

Animated Image Browser

17 July 2011 |

Customizable image browser with several transition types available.
Work extent: scripts and data connection

Online Timer

2 March 2014 |

Online Timer for physical training.

Perfecta simulator

17 July 2011 |

Blinds and gates simulator, made in the year 2003 maybe.
Work extent: animation, scripts, data connection

Dakini - Kamila Brenkova

17 July 2011 |

Presentation: Ayurvéda and special exotic healing techniques.
Work extent: whole website + administration

Massage - Hynek Hrubes

17 July 2011 |

Massage services presentation.
Work extent: whole site (plus small application)


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